Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Math Fact Automatic Recall Benefits

When recall of the math facts is not automatic, it slows down learning in most cases, and stops it completely in some. It also results in extra work and frustration for the teacher. I believe that computers are a perfect match for math fact memorization instruction. They are consistent, entertaining, and methodical. I’m starting a research based list of benefits that come from early math fact automaticity.

· It helps achieve a strong start, which is especially critical for the disadvantaged.

· It allows for more understanding of the current lesson because working memory is not tied up in calculating basic facts.

· “…if basic skills are not well learned and understood, the natural progression to complex topics is impeded.” (National Mathematics Advisary Panel (NMAP) Final Report)

· Fast access to number combinations supports efficient problem solving. (NMAP Final Report)

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