Friday, December 30, 2011

Working Memory and Automaticity

Working memory and automaticity (automatic recall of facts):

· Working memory limits mathematical performance. Gifted children tend to benefit from a superior working memory, while children with mathematical learning disabilities suffer from a deficient working memory. (National Mathematics Advisory Panel (NMAP) Final Report, 2008)

· Students with math facts anxiety typically have difficulty with working memory, and then use the limited working memory for worrying when doing math. (Ashcraft & Kirk, 2001.)

· While working memory increases with age, it can be increased at any age, mainly by developing fast, automatic recall of facts or procedures from long-term memory. (Schneider & Shiffrin, 1977, Shiffrin & Schneider, 1977) This can help any student, but is especially beneficial for those with mathematics learning disabilities or math anxiety.


  1. Is there an app for Math Fact Pro?

  2. I'm sorry, no app yet. We need more customers to be able to fund it. We are moving towards being mobile, which will help.