Monday, January 19, 2015

Math Facts Pro now on iPads with Puffin Academy!

New technology allows students to practice their math facts efficiently on iPads, even though Math Facts Pro uses Adobe Flash!  Use the free Puffin Academy Browser app for Apple and Android, which runs the Flash on their server, and mirrors it to your screen.  Puffin Academy is designed with white listing for schools, so students can only navigate to approved sites.  The regular Puffin Browser app does not use white listing, but it is a paid app, so it is unlikely that students would accidentally install it.  After installing the app, you will want to change one setting.  Puffin has a double tap to zoom feature which misinterprets double entries such as 11 and 22, so you want to turn it off.  To do so, click on the menu button (3 little white dots in the upper right corner), settings button, and then turn off "Double click to zoom."  Then use Puffin's search field to find Math Facts Pro, and you are good to go!  Here are video instructions.

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