Monday, June 19, 2017

Full speed ahead with upgrades!

I am excited to announce that Alex and I will now be working full time to improve Math Facts Pro!  Here is our short list of major improvements, in this order:
  1. Fun games!
  2. Better methodology – fact family based, response assessment, fact test, training, and games for practice.
  3. Moving the student side out of Flash, into HTML 5/Javascript (read: play on iPads directly, and any web-enabled device)
  4. Moving the teacher side out of Flash, adding better reporting, and making it easier for district & school administrators and parents to use.

Thank you for your patience as we work to roll out these improvements, but know that we will be constantly improving.  If you would like to be updated on our progress - when we release games or when we are no longer in Flash, subscribe to this blog in the upper right-hand corner, or follow us on Facebook.
Mark Berg

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