Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Better Reporting!

We are very excited to be rolling out some new reporting changes today!  When students get to their results page, they will now see how many facts they have answered correctly for that operator since the account was started.  We wanted a way to encourage students who are working hard.
Also, when teachers log in to their accounts, they will see a new summary of their students' practice and progress:  (Remember that this summary page is printable with the green button at the top.)

We have changed the practice history so that you can see how many facts the student practiced correctly today, yesterday, this week, and last week.  The green backgrounds are based on practicing 1 session/day, and 5 sessions/week.  So if today is Thursday, these students would have a green background for today and yesterday if they had done 30 facts each day, and for this week if they had done 120 facts so far, and for last week if they had done 150 facts then.  Our calendar is based on the school week, and we lump the weekend into Friday, so Friday - Sunday are considered one day.  Facts practiced on Sunday are credited to the previous week, and on Monday, the "yesterday" block represents Friday - Sunday.

To fit this into the available space, we had to stop displaying a differential in school and homework practice.  If you really miss that feature, please let us know, either via your suggestions form or the contact form.  When we are no longer in Flash we could bring it back if it really was helpful.  Then we will also be able to provide more specific data for the whole year, in a printable form.

The mini-results grid now has colors!  Green facts are fluent (defined as: 1-3 tries, perfect; 4-10 tries, only 1 mistake/too slow allowed, 10+ tries, only 1 mistake/too slow allowed out of the last 10 tries)  Remember that the cut-off speed is customized for each student based on their fastest facts because some students are faster than others.  Yellow facts aren't fast enough (on the last 9/10), and Red facts aren't correct enough on the last 9/10.  We have also improved the tool tip.  By mousing over the grid you can now see the detailed information on each fact.  While this student's accuracy and speed on 2 x 1 are too low, you can see that the last 6 of  7 attempts were fluent.  If they continue to be accurate and fast enough for the next 3 attempts, the fact will be counted as fluent.  Remember that new facts will start out with a low accuracy, slow speed, and improve over time.  However, it is fluent responses on 9 out of the last 10 attempts that determines fluency.

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