Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Improvement & Bug fix

Math Facts Pro was originally designed with the x10 and x12 tables being separate, and the same for division.  This was why when a student practiced the x10's table, and then switched to the x12's they were essentially starting over, from the database's point of view.  This week we combined the 10's and 12's, so when the student moves from the 10's to the 12's, their data is already there, and only the 11's and 12's are new.  This will make for a more efficient experience.  Unfortunately, we found out this morning that we had a bug.  When students played the 12's, it only showed up on your teacher page if you changed views to the 10's.  This is now fixed.  However, 12's facts that were done from yesterday through around 10:45 central U.S. time today will still require you to view the 10's in the history.  We are sorry for the difficulty.  If you still have trouble, your student's browsers will need to have their cache cleared to load the new version of the program.

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