Thursday, September 20, 2018

What if they knew their facts?

Teaching math is a lot easier (and more fun) when students are fluent in their facts.  But moving math facts from knowledge to fluency takes assessing their current level of fluency, a lot of good practice, a way to hold students accountable for that practice, and a way to monitor progress so you can encourage successes and intervene when students plateau.  And it is better by far to do this both individually, and automatically.  (And without any paperwork on your part - you do have a life:)
It’s our pleasure to announce the launch of Math Facts Pro 2.0!  Flash and Puffin are no longer needed, and our program can be accessed directly in your favorite browser, no app required, even on iPads, other tablets, or phones.
The entire code has been rewritten, including a lot of new features requested by teachers, like keyboard entry, teacher access to individual student reports, complete practice history, and of course our game, Mars Defense.  Accounts that expired a while ago have been reactivated for 10 days.  Try it for free!

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