Monday, August 19, 2019

Let’s get your students fluent in their math facts as fast as possible! / Starting a new year.

Math Facts Pro is an intelligent tutor designed for maximum individualized growth, while minimizing the time spent. Students can be rewarded / held accountable for practice at home, and you can easily see where they could use some personalized instruction, without any grading or paperwork! Create a free trial account today. After 30 days, the cost is $1/student/year, or you can continue on the Lite side for free (not using an account, and without the effectiveness of data storage or the Mars Defense video game).
Current users starting a new school year can use our new Bulk Changes > Delete Students feature to delete all the students in their class, and then the Add Student feature to add your new students. If your account has multiple classes, you will need to go into each class to delete its students and then add the new ones. You can still delete a whole class and its students, using the Class level Delete option.

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